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EP 23: On Your Resume–Job History

In this episode, we will cover how to best construct your job history section for your resume. Each section of your resume should be. Designed to communicate with a different audience. By effectively writing your resume, it shows potential employers that you how to talk with your peers and managers.

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EP 22: Impress Us With Your Resume Skills Section

In this episode, we will focus on the skills section of your resume, on how much detail you should be included. You need to ensure that you’re representing your skills accurately. Skills can be hard skills (also known as technical skills) or soft skills. Both are important to cover in your skills section to demonstrate your abilities to a potential employer.

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EP 21: Your Reputation Matters to Us

In this episode, we will talk about your personal brand and reputation. How do they impact your ability to get your dream cybersecurity job? How do you build your personal brand so that you can become well-known in the industry?

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EP 20: See you next week!

In this episode, I am currently reviewing a survey of IT leaders from companies like Bank of America, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, AT&T, and Salesforce. Nearly all the respondents, roughly 98%, said that cybersecurity talent would be crucial for their business’s success over the next 6 to 18 months. So, it looks like the job market will be picking up again for cybersecurity professionals, and that is great news for all of you, too.

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EP 17: What One Fortune 100 Hiring Manager Wants to See On Your Resume

In this episode, we will talk with a Fortune 100 company’s hiring manager to find out what they want to see in your resume. Even though Wes started out as a call center representative, he quickly moved into IT operations. Eventually, he moved into the role of a hiring manager as he built and supported new teams. A resume has a job to do, and that is to get a candidate into an interview so they can have a conversation with the hiring manager. A resume alone will never get you a position, it just gets you a chance at a position, according to Wes.

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EP 16: Cybersecurity jobs and COVID-19

The buzz we’re hearing is that a lot of seasoned cybersecurity people have recently lost their jobs due to the economic hit that we’ve been taking here in the US related to the COVID-19 pandemic. What was most interesting, though, is that we saw a lot of the news articles covering job cuts by what I would classify as cybersecurity vendors.

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EP 15: Hunt for Jobs Like a Pentester

In this episode, we will focus on the strategies applied by Jason Blanchard to conduct job hunting like a penetration tester. During Jason’s twice weekly livestreams, he viewers to ask him questions about different aspects of finding a cybersecurity job and he applies a social engineering or open source intelligence (OSINT) mindset to answering these questions.

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