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EP 106: All About Internships

In this episode, we are discussing the much-anticipated topic of Internships!

Internships are not that common in cybersecurity and that’s because they are a huge long-term investment, which is risky for lots of organizations especially in the private sector.

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EP 105: SDP 5: Work Factor

In this episode, we are returning to the Security Design Principles series, this time with Work Factor.

Work factor refers to how much work it’s going to take an adversary to attack your assets and succeed in doing so. This is coming directly from the world of physical security that was imported into the cybersecurity realm.

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EP 104: Confidently Presenting with Meridith Grundei

In this episode, our awesome host Jason Dion is back again with another episode of the Your Cyber Path podcast. This time, he’s accompanied by an amazing guest, Meridith Grundei. Meridith is a renowned public speaking coach and owner of Grundei Coaching who specializes in public speaking and presentation skills.

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EP 103: SDP 4 Compromise Recording

In this episode, we are back with our Security Design Principles series, this time discussing Compromise.

In the constantly evolving tech world, we are constantly bombarded with new products, updates, and software changes. To navigate through this ever-changing landscape, we require a foundation of stability. This is precisely where the Security Design Principles step in.

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EP 102: Passing CISSP and CISM exams with Ed Skipka

In this episode, we are back with one of our favorite guests, Ed Skipka, to talk about his latest achievements, studying and passing both CISSP and CISM exams.

To start, Ed goes on about how you should find your own way of studying and figure out the most efficient way to digest information, whether that is online video training, reading books, or attending bootcamps. Finding a study route that you enjoy is one of the easiest ways to ensure you stay on track.

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EP 101: SDP 3: Economy of Mechanism

In this short episode, we are back discussing the Security Design Principles, with the third principle, Economy of Mechanism.

Jason and Kip explain the principle of Economy of Mechanism and how you want to apply it in your career as a cybersecurity professional without falling into the trap of overcomplicating things and most importantly, staying within the limits of your budget.

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EP 100: Special with Kip and Jason

We’re celebrating the 100th episode of Your Cyber Path podcast with a special edition episode. It’s going to be a little different this time.

We are going to sit back and reflect on all our 100 previous episodes and take in the things that we learned, so basically welcome to the highlight reel of the Your Cyber Path podcast!

Our hosts are Kip Boyle, a cybersecurity hiring manager who started in the Air Force, and Jason Dion, who has over 20 years of experience in the defense industry, including positions at the Navy and NSA.

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EP 99: How to use ChatGPT in Your Job Search with Sean Melis

In this episode, we are going over the latest trend in AI and NLP, ChatGPT, with our guest, Sean Melis, seasoned multi-modal developer and designer and the founder of bot•hello.

In the beginning, Sean explains how chatbots work and the main difference between them and ChatGPT, explaining that ChatGPT leverages a huge dataset, unlike chatbots that use canned responses.

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