EP 82: From Truck Driver to Cybersecurity Analyst with Mike Hillman

In this episode, we get to learn about our guest’s inspirational story as he went from truck driver to Cybersecurity Analyst in less than 15 months.

Mike Hillman, former truck driver and current SOC Analyst, goes over his exact roadmap to transition into Cybersecurity without any previous experience, the certifications he acquired, and the courses he took.

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EP 81: How to Negotiate a Pay Raise with Edward Skipka

In this episode, we listen to Kip and Ed go over how Ed managed to get a 25% pay raise in a very short period of time and the whole details of his situation.

Edward Skipka, a vulnerability management analyst, goes over his experience and how he managed to double his pay in just over two and a half years. He highlights that doing your best and solving problems can take you to another level within your company.

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EP 80: Risk Management Framework with Drew Church

In this episode, Kip and Jason, along with special guest Drew Church, take a closer look at the NIST risk management framework to help facilitate selecting the right kind of security for your system and help clarify how to direct resources towards the right controls.

Drew Church, RMF expert and global security strategist at Splunk, is here to talk about the different steps of RMF, the importance of preparation work, and understanding the bigger picture of what you want your system to accomplish.

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EP 79: Mid-Career Transition Success Story with Steve McMichael

In this episode, Kip and Jason are joined by Steve McMichael who has rapidly climbed the cybersecurity career ladder. Within 2 years, Steve was able to move up to the position of Director of Governance, Risk, and Compliance for a large, publicly traded company after transitioning from a position in accounting and financing.

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EP 77: Get Into The Talent Pipeline With Max Shuftan And Winnie Yung

In this episode, Kip and Jason, with special guests Max Shuftan and Winnie Yung, talk about what a talent pipeline is and why hiring managers should be using a solid talent pipeline in order to bring in new people into the cybersecurity industry to meet their staffing needs.

Max Shuftan, director of Mission Programs and Partnerships at the SANS institute, is here to talk about how their organization helps people get into cybersecurity through the use of their talent pipeline. Our other guest, Winnie Yung, is a graduate of SANS Institute’s Diversity Cyber Academy who has now broken into the cybersecurity industry.

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EP 76: Which Certification Roadmap Or Path Should I Use?

In this episode of Your Cyber Path, Kip and Jason discuss the world of cybersecurity certifications and how you can determine the proper path for you to follow. We bust the myth that the Security Certification Roadmap by Paul Jeremy is a proper roadmap from left to right to follow…but it isn’t!

A certification roadmap or pathway should be something that allows you to outline the skills and certifications you will need in your career for the next few years. A roadmap gives you a plan to follow and allows you to not try and “collect them all” when it comes to certifications. After all, certifications are expensive, and you don’t need to collect them like Pokémon cards.

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EP 75: The Value of University Degrees in Cybersecurity

In this episode, Kip and Jason talk about the value of university degrees in the cybersecurity career. This topic does come up all the time in discussions or when people come up to Kip or Jason and ask them the same thing. And there really is no single answer that would fit everyone because a degree can either hurt or help, depending on the context.

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EP 74: Top Five Mistakes People Make When Negotiating

In this episode, the discussion between Kip and Jason is about the top five mistakes people are making when it comes to negotiating their pay. You need to know what mistakes to avoid when discussing your compensation because it can set you up for a bad experience and affect you for years.

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