EP 56: Cybersecurity careers in the Defense sector

In this episode, we provided an introduction to cybersecurity careers in the defense sector within the United States. This discussion can provide you with a great starting point for understanding how to get a cybersecurity position within this sector of the industry.

The defense sector consists of three main categories of positions: military members, government civilians, and government contractors. The defense sector is a huge area of growth in the cybersecurity industry, with over 50% of all federal government cybersecurity spending being dedicated to the Department of Defense’s budget for digital security in the United States. This equates to a lot of cybersecurity work and positions being made available within the industry for qualified and cleared individuals.

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EP 55: Which cybersecurity certifications should you get?

In this episode, we are focused on the ever-divisive question of the importance of certifications in the cybersecurity industry. The answer to this question has changed over time from certifications being unimportant, to them being extremely important, to well, it depends. Certifications can be extremely important for several reasons, including their ability to help your resume get through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) filters used by the human resources and recruiting team, but they are not a silver bullet that will instantly land you a job.

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EP 54: New Cohost Jason Dion

In this episode, you will be introduced to our new co-host, Jason Dion who is replacing Wes Shriner as the co-host of the Your Cyber Path podcast. Jason Dion is a cybersecurity professional with over 20 years of professional experience in and around the military, defense contractor, and government sectors. While Kip Boyle, our host, has tremendous experience in the commercial and financial sectors, he has been out of the defense sector for about 20 years, so this matchup between Kip and Jason really does help to bring a more comprehensive and balanced approach to the podcast.

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