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EP 116: What’s next after season 2?

In the grand wrap-up of season two of the podcast ‘Your Cyber Path’, hosts Kip Boyle and Jason Dion reflect on their four-year podcast journey. They also reveal that for the time being, there won’t be a season three as originally planned.

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EP 114: The NIST CSF vs The Top 18

In this episode, Kip Boyle and Jason Dion discuss the importance of cybersecurity in the current digital landscape and focus on comparing two different standards: The NIST Cybersecurity Framework and the CIS Top 18.

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EP 113: SDP 9 – Least Common Mechanism

In this episode, Kip and Jason cover the Security Design Principle of “Least Common Mechanism”. The Lease Common Mechanism is the ninth security design principle and focuses on how you can best protect older, legacy systems in large organizations and within the government.

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EP 111: SDP 8 Open Design

In this episode, Kip and Jason delve into the specific security design principle of Open Design. Open Design does not equate to open-source software but refers to transparency in revealing the mechanisms and inner workings of security controls.

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EP 110: Am I Too Old to Do a Career Change into Cybersecurity?

In this episode, hosts Kip Boyle and Jason Dion discuss the topic of ageism in cybersecurity careers. They address a listener’s question about whether it is too late for a career change into cybersecurity at the age of 60-65. The hosts acknowledge that ageism does exist in the industry, but they provide tips and strategies for older individuals to overcome this challenge.

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EP 109: SDP 7: Complete Mediation

In this episode, we are returning to the Security Design Principles series, this time with Complete Mediation.

Complete mediation means the system checks the user trying to access a file or perform an action is authorized to access this file or perform this action.

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EP 108: Self-care

In this episode, we discuss a critically important topic which is Selfcare.

Cybersecurity is a great career, however it is not 100% stress free, burning out and working yourself into oblivion is very common. In this episode our hosts Jason and Kip give you some tips to make sure you have your selfcare in check.

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EP 107: SDP 6: Failsafe Defaults

In this episode, we go back to the Security Design Principles series, this time we are discussing Failsafe Defaults.

Failsafe defaults simply means that the default condition of a system should always be to deny.

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