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EP 76: Which Certification Roadmap Or Path Should I Use?

In this episode of Your Cyber Path, Kip and Jason discuss the world of cybersecurity certifications and how you can determine the proper path for you to follow. We bust the myth that the Security Certification Roadmap by Paul Jeremy is a proper roadmap from left to right to follow…but it isn’t!

A certification roadmap or pathway should be something that allows you to outline the skills and certifications you will need in your career for the next few years. A roadmap gives you a plan to follow and allows you to not try and “collect them all” when it comes to certifications. After all, certifications are expensive, and you don’t need to collect them like Pokémon cards.

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EP 75: The Value of University Degrees in Cybersecurity

In this episode, Kip and Jason talk about the value of university degrees in the cybersecurity career. This topic does come up all the time in discussions or when people come up to Kip or Jason and ask them the same thing. And there really is no single answer that would fit everyone because a degree can either hurt or help, depending on the context.

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EP 74: Top Five Mistakes People Make When Negotiating

In this episode, the discussion between Kip and Jason is about the top five mistakes people are making when it comes to negotiating their pay. You need to know what mistakes to avoid when discussing your compensation because it can set you up for a bad experience and affect you for years.

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EP 72: DISC Profiles

In this episode, the discussion between Kip and Jason is about DISC profiles.
You need to understand how important it is to choose the right job for you based on your personality.

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